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In order to improve IT candidate recruitment process, we offer a training to recruiters and/or employers in order to better catch and understand the customer requirement in terms of development of IT solutions and increase the quality of profile submitted to end-clients.

Programming Languages

Agile methodologies

Development environment





Discover trends

Better understanding of the IT trends and their integration in professional world.

Boost your IT knowledge

Improve your technical knowledge in terms of IT development.

Understand your client needs

Improve the understanding of the clients needs in terms of recruitment.

Know the market

To know current trends and their evolution on the market.

Prepare a technical interview

Improve the technical preparation of a candidate in order to pass a technical interview.





Presentation of the different technology keywords currently on the market:

  • OO Programming.
  • Programming Languages
  • Procedure Language
  • Scripting
  • Functionnal Programming
  • Framework (.NET, Java,…)
  • IDE, Visual Studion, Eclipse, NetBeans,… •
  • TFS, SVN, CVS, Git, JIRA,…
  • Application Architecture (N tiers, SOA,..)
  • MVC Pattern
  • Data Access Layer & ORM
  • Design Pattern
  • WCF, Web services, REST, JSON, Web API
  • WPF, Silverlight
  • HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Angular JS
  • Sharepoint, Biztalk.

Presentation of Best practices:

  • IT Team
  • Developers, Testers, Project Manager, Architect, Business Analyst, ….
  • Continuous Integration (Environment, Branch,…)
  • DDD, TDD, Unit Tests, Dependency Injection, Mock.
  • Agile (Scrum, Lean IT, …)
    (Waterfall, Agile, Agile values, Scrum, Scrum Event, Scrum Team, Scrum Artifacts,…)

Some statistics about their usages in professional environment

Professional development environment:

  • Description of some development environment in big account in Belgium (Banks, Telecom, Energy, Transport, Retailers,…)


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Booking after 06/07/18498€
Training for 1 day (8h)
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